How do some leadership teams achieve better business results, create more value, and enjoy more peace of mind?

They do it with the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and working with EOS Certified Implementer™ Ken Ritterspach.

EOS® is designed for companies with 10 to 250 employees.

12,000+ leadership teams have discovered the power of EOS at their companies.

Leadership Teams

EOS Certified Implementer™ Ken Ritterspach

The path to maximizing the value of a business begins with your leadership team using a single system.

EOS is that system.

The tools of EOS are basic, practical and easy to understand.

Traction Results | EOS®

If you want better business results, let’s get to work.


I’m Ken Ritterspach, a Certified EOS Implementer and former CEO.

I have broad and deep experience as a turnaround specialist, negotiations trainer, and business advisor.

Ken Ritterspach | EOS Implementer