How do some leadership teams achieve better business results, create more value, and enjoy more peace of mind?

They do it with the Entrepreneurial Operating System and working with EOS implementer Ken Ritterspach.

EOS is designed for companies with $2 million – $50 million in annual revenue.

12,000 leadership teams have discovered the power of EOS at their companies.

Leadership Teams

EOS Implementer Ken Ritterspach

The path to maximizing the value of a business begins with your leadership team using a single system.

EOS is that system.

The tools of EOS are basic, practical and easy to understand.

Traction Results | EOS

If you want better business results, let’s get to work.


I’m Ken Ritterspach, a Certified EOS Implementer and former CEO.

I have broad and deep experience as a turnaround specialist, negotiations trainer, and business advisor.

Ken Ritterspach | EOS Implementer