A Bridge for Crisis

“Crisis creates leverage to change” — Bruce Rauner (American businessman, philanthropist, and 42nd governor of Illinois)

Today the best leadership teams are on high alert. They are paying close attention, learning some hard lessons, and making changes — some large and some small. Shorter deadlines, more trial and error, and daily huddles are some of the more common ones. Some of those changes will remain in place, others will not.

Patrick Lencioni just wrote an insightful article in Chief ExecutiveIt highlights four positive aspects of where we are and which lessons to remember as we lead people into a “new normal.” It’s a quick read with good nuggets.

On the topic of “Over-Engineering,” Lencioni says, “Our goals become clearer and the stakes become higher during a crisis, allowing us to ignore silos and find ways to create and implement solutions without overthinking, nitpicking and fear of failure. We’re not insisting on perfection but focusing on the essential elements of a product or program and moving quickly.

Focus, clarity, discipline, and “less is more” – all are hallmarks of EOS® . The current reality provides a constant reminder of their importance.

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