Command Performance

“Meetings are where the magic happens” says Gino Wickman. 

The agenda for the weekly meetings in the EOS® system is a powerful tool that is guaranteed to get better results from meetings at any level of the organization. The ultimate key to success, however, is the willingness of leaders to be open and honest, not just “check the box” in their participation.

In his online book Decide, Wickman lists 10 Commandments for making decisions in meetings and being open and honest.

  1. Thou shall not rule by consensus
  2. Thou shall not be a weenie
  3. Thou shall be decisive
  4. Thou shall not rely on secondhand information
  5. Thou shall fight for the greater good
  6. Thou shall not try to solve them all
  7. Thou shall live with it, end it, or change it
  8. Thou shall choose short-term pain and suffering
  9. Thou shall enter the danger
  10. Thou shall take a shot

The leadership teams of my EOS clients have seen great performance improvements from being brave and “showing up”with each other. 

By the way, Decide is a quick read at only 34 pages. It’s full of nuggets. Get it here

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