Day In and Day Out

Consistency is the secret weapon of EOS®. The big victories come from incremental actions repeated again and again.

The Six Components of the EOS Model are disarmingly simple. It’s easy to give lip service to them as just “common sense.” What makes them powerful is common practice: the application of basic, practical tools to make them come to life. Not just for a week or a month or even a year. It’s forever. Only when these tools are embedded in the fabric of a company do they produce lasting results over time.

The same is true of leadership. There are no silver bullets for being an effective leader. Justconsistent, disciplined behavior, day in and day out. Simon Sinek drives home the message in a compelling five-minute section of a longer video interview, starting here. Watch it and do a reality check on your own discipline.

Consistency is the secret ingredient that effective leaders leverage through EOS.

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