Delegate & Elevate™

As an EOS® leader, you delegate in order to elevate your activities to the best use of your time and talents. It’s not easy to give up control. Unfortunately, you can’t grow unless you do exactly that.

There are two approaches to delegation.

  1. The easier approach is to delegate an activity. This is transactional and includes everything from single tasks to large-scale projects.
  2. The more difficult, and more impactful, approach is to delegate responsibility. This is when you give someone full responsibility for an ongoing activity or role.

The Six Components of EOS provide an important checklist for leaders when they choose to delegate a responsibility:

  • Vision. Are you clear about your expectations? Are you providing direction in writing?
  • People. Will the responsible person and their entire team succeed? Do they get it, want it and have the capacity to do it (GWC™)?
  • Data. Are there metrics in place to give you confidence that the responsibility is being handled successfully?
  • Issues. What are potential issues, based on historical experiences and current variables?
  • Process. Does the person understand the processes related to the responsibility?
  • Traction. Is there a transition plan in place, with milestone meetings, to ensure a successful hand-off? Are priorities established along the way?

It’s not easy to delegate responsibility, but your up-front investment is directly proportional to everyone’s long-term success.

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