Don’t Go It Alone

Richard Leider is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and executive coach. He is best known for his research and work in helping leaders unlock the power of purpose.

In our culture of fierce independence, marquee CEOs, and snap decisions, we tend to think about leaders as Lone Rangers: incredibly smart, self-sufficient, and supremely confident.

Leider suggests a different paradigm. He says, “Isolation is fatal.” We are more complete and more effective when we don’t try to do it all ourselves. We need a Sherpa. A trusted companion. A confidante. A sidekick. Richard calls this person “a sounding board.” It’s not a group of people, but rather one person with multiple attributes.

What makes up such a unicorn? According to Leider, someone with these four attributes:

  • Committed Listener: genuinely wants to know and understand
  • Is able to be a Wise “Elder: brings experience to bear
  • Is also able to be a Wise “Younger: challenges from a new perspective
  • Purpose Partner: encourages and supports accountability

That’s a big ask but imagine the power of having this person by your side! I hope you have someone. If not, give it some thought. You’ll be a better leader and a whole lot happier with someone else beside you on that mountain top.

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