End It, Change It, or Live With It

End It, Change It, or Live With It

Leaders face difficult people decisions. In EOS, we say “Right People, Right Seats.” Employees must live our values and do their jobs. But leaders often resist making difficult employee decisions.

The advice we give is: “End it, Change it, or Live with it.” Don’t waste time and energy having the same conversation over and over. Make a decision. Typically, reassigning or terminating the employee is the right business decision. That’s not always feasible, especially in family businesses.

When you’re considering “Living with it,” think carefully about the impact on other employees.They have to put up with a sub-performer, create work-arounds, compensate for lost productivity, and deal with the emotional drain of toxic behavior.

If you have to “Live with it”:

  • Enforce performance expectations with the employee. Often employees make right decisions all by themselves.
  • Communicate your rationale to key stakeholders.
  • Minimize the consequences of the decision.
  • Keep the situation on your radar (Issues List) because circumstances change.
  • Stop complaining about it.

You stand for what you tolerate. Choose wisely.

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