Fiercely Disagree — in a Productive Way

In EOS®, we coach leaders to be “open and honest,” which means there will often be disputes among leaders. Conflict is natural and healthy.

There are many standard ground rules about engaging in conflict in a healthy way. Two of my favorite rules are:
• Listen to truly understand, not to rebut 
• Speak from your experience without attributing motive to the other person

Less obvious, but equally powerful, is the IDS™ tool from EOS. On a regular basis during a dispute, stop to clarify, “What exactly is the issue here? Where precisely do we disagree?” Then be disciplined to stay on that issue, not get sidetracked by tangents. Especially when emotions run high, they tend to highjack the dialogue. We lose sight of what we’re in conflict about and start to defend positions that are way off target.

Stay focused for better resolution.

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