I recently saw “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” starring Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers. It’s a powerful movie – about forgiveness, which I totally didn’t expect.

Forgiveness is a huge topic. Emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. An application in business is learning from our past and moving on.

In my work with EOS® clients, we often uncover baggage. Resentment going back months, or years. Unresolved issues impacting morale. Misunderstandings that are now a barrier to moving forward. In many companies it’s a long list.

In EOS, we have an unrelenting focus on the essence of forgiveness — letting go of the past and moving on to the future as a cohesive team.

On a personal level, take some quiet time to identify and understand where forgiveness would benefit you. Think about team members, family and friends. Identify what’s stopping you from letting go. Maybe even enlist some help in moving on.

Mr. Rogers’ messages are as relevant now as they were when we were kids

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