Glass Half Full

Glass Half Full

There are six ways to generate enthusiasm, positivity and commitment in your organization:

  1. Inspire others by articulating your future and aligning employees with the same vision
  2. Thrive at work by surrounding yourself with great peoplewho take ownership of what they do
  3. Sleep better at night because you know your numbers and data
  4. Resolve the most important issues once and for all
  5. Reduce stress and drama with disciplined processes that define how you run your company and are followed by everyone
  6. Predict your future by creating it: establishing priorities and fulfilling them, thereby creating traction as a normal course of business.

These mirror the Six Components™ of the EOS® system. They also reflect an optimistic view of the world, because EOS is about expecting success. 

All of my leadership teams lead with optimism about the future. Not Pollyanna fluff, just solid expectations grounded in reality and executed with discipline. 

As leaders, we make the classic “the glass is half full or half empty” choice of how we see the world. If you choose “half full,” EOS will help you fill that glass. 

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