Hanging On

A crisis like the current pandemic requires we assess, respond, and adapt. Sometimes we have to simply hang on.

No one can predict what the new normal will be. Getting to the other side will take a lot of creativity, discipline, and probably new ways of conducting business.

Equally important and often overlooked are the fundamentals. Whether your company has to reinvent itself, regroup, pivot, or adapt in some other way, the time-tested tenets of good business don’t go away.

Twenty years ago, Jim Collins wrote his classic Good to Great. Chapter Four is a primer in leadership and management during a time of chaos and change. It’s a short, powerful read.

Collins’ four basic practices:

  • Lead with questions, not answers
  • Engage in dialogue and debate, not coercion
  • Search for understanding and learning — without blame
  • Build red flag mechanisms that turn information into information that cannot be ignored

Fellow EOS® Implementer Mark O’Donnell recently suggested I re-read the famous Chapter Four. I’m glad I did and suggest you do the same.

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