I’m Too Creative

Entrepreneurs, leaders and solopreneurs often claim their creativity is stifled by process and discipline. “My inspirations are too vital to be stymied by a set of rules.” “I need chaos to be inspired.” “I thrive with a messy desk.” There are one hundred verses to this song. Yet they’re all out of tune with reality. We need structure, process, and discipline for long-term success.

A savvy EOS Implementer and colleague, Tip Quilter, shared an analogy explaining the relationship between the results you want and the operating system driving those results.

Think of football. The game provides goal posts, chalk lines, points and penalties. But you play the game. You choose the coaches, the players on the field, and call the plays. There’s also a referee, watching that you follow the rules. Ultimately, winning or losing is up to you.

The rules of the game are the operating system for football. EOS® is the operating system for your business. The referee is your EOS Implementer. You’re still the one who plays the game; you’re responsible for the results.

The more aligned you are with the rules, the fewer the penalties. The more you practice, the greater your success. Winning any game is a function of understanding how to play, practicing hard, and being disciplined. Not Hail Mary passes.

Suit up!

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