No Drama

Some people thrive on drama. You know their lines: “Nothing’s working…. Management is clueless…. No one’s as smart as I am.” Passive aggressive behavior’s their norm. They’d rather complain instead of fix things. Leaders are adamant — these are not the employees we want. Nor do we want the chaos drama creates.

Great employees don’t want drama either. They want leaders to create a workplace that’s drama-free. A-list players expect work to be done right the first time, without unnecessary hassle.

As a leader, how are you doing in the drama department? Can you honestly say:

  • We have a clear vision and share it
  • We don’t tolerate weak performers or toxic employees
  • We know our numbers and don’t make decisions based on politics
  • We solve problems in an efficient and effective manner
  • We are clear about important processes, and everyone follows them
  • We work on the most important things and have highly productive meetings

It’s up to leaders to create and sustain the culture employees expect. The power of EOS® is it helps you do just that.

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