One of the Foundational tools of EOS® includes a process to solve issues once and for all. It’s called IDS™: Identify, Discuss, and Solve. In the Identify stage, the universal challenge is to be disciplined. To repeatedly peel the onion, uncovering the exact root of the problem. To get there, we typically do a root cause analysis, such as asking “why” five times.

Here are some common reframes:

Another option is to reframe an issue. “Reframing” is simply stating the problem in a different way. By looking at an issue from a different perspective, we can be more creative addressing it.

  • What is the issue from another person’s perspective? Look at the issue through a different lens.
  • What is my role in creating the issue? We tend to think of the problem as something being done to us, but we also play a role.
  • What data is available to confirm the issue? When you examine the data (vs. the conclusion), new insights evolve.

Reframing takes additional time and effort – and it’s worth it. Here’s a great article with suggestions and insight: Harvard Business Review:  Are You Solving the Right Problems?

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