Return to Great

Great books get better with every revisit (just like great movies, poetry, art, friends). I just reread Good to Great (GTG) by Jim Collins. It’s a classic.

Collins and his research team uncover the primary truths about what propels a company from being just “good” to being “great.”

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) is built on GTG principles. Rereading the book reminded me of important lessons we all must remember and relearn periodically. Three stand out.

  • It’s not fair to burden great employees with weak performers. We can’t be great if we don’t have the courage to eliminate our C players.
  • The concept Identifying your Hedgehog is an iterative process, not a single event. Based on the Greek parable, “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one thing,” it’s that singular point where professional passion, core competence and making money intersect. It might take years to figure out, but worth the effort.
  • Discipline, for its own sake, can be misguided. When Collins refers to a “culture of discipline,” he means the right people engaged in appropriate vigorous thinking, followed by disciplined action within a values-based system.

I encourage you to reread GTG. You’ll pick up a few new thoughts and remember old ones — once again finding inspiration to be a leader who drives greatness.

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