Slow is OK

As leaders, we work to inspire confidence, demonstrate mastery, and create a compelling vision. This tempts us to react quickly and showcase (or show off?) our business acumen. It’s human nature, especially in a world that demands instant gratification and quick solutions. However, this doesn’t always produce the best outcome.

Seth Godin writes a short daily blog about leadership. Last week he poetically spoke to this issue with an important reminder:

The quick comeback. The clever repartee. The ability to, in the moment, say precisely what needs to be said.
As the world gets faster, more of us feel the regret of the staircase. The perfect remark, often cutting, comes to us just a little too late.
Don’t worry about it.
Because as the world keeps getting faster, there’s actually a shortage of thoughtful, timeless ideas that are worth sharing an hour or a week later.

Each Godin blog post is a short read — 60 seconds or less. It’s well worth the time you’ll invest to subscribe.

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