Teach ‘Em to Hustle

EOS companies come in many sizes and shapes. In my experience, a common ingredient of successful EOS companies and their leaders is a heightened sense of urgency. They want better results right now. They are action oriented. Harvey Mackay calls it “hustle” in his Star Tribune column this week. It’s a great read.

Mackay points out that “…it doesn’t take special ability to hustle, just a burning desire to get ahead.” Many of my clients translate that sentiment into a Core Value, using words like “urgency,” “get it done” and “make it happen.”

Hustle is energy-producing. Customers feel it when they do business with you, and they respond with greater loyalty. Employees feel it in the culture of the company, and it’s infectious. It generates enthusiasm.

Like any value, “hustle” doesn’t exist in a vacuum. To avoid wasting time and energy, it requires a focus on the right opportunities and disciplined action, both of which are integral to EOS.

How does your company score on the hustle meter?

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