The Greater Good

Should you commit to a bad team decision? Think about it.

In EOS, we say One Vision, One Voice, One Team.

  • Inside the room, you voice your opinion about an issue, along with everyone else. Disagreement is healthy. Open and honest.
  • Outside the room, leaders have to speak with one voice about a decision.

The consequences of a bad decision are far less than the turmoil caused with leaders disagree publicly and undermine each other. EOS colleague Jim Coyle gave great insight in a recent blog.

Acting for the greater good means subjugating your personal feelings and well-being long enough to make a wise decision. It also means sacrificing popularity with courage to speak up when it would be a lot easier and safer to be silent, let things slide, and go with the flow.

How to act for the greater good:

  • Pause, take a breath, and assess the situation.
  • Be honest with yourself. What are the consequences of my action? Will it strengthen or weaken the team? Is it consistent with our values? Will it stand the test of time?

The answer is yes. Commit to a bad decision for the greater good.

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