This is Hard Work

A colleague recently recommended a book to me: The Conviction to Lead by Albert Mohler. He makes a compelling, faith-based argument for having 100% conviction about being a leader.

In my experience with leadership teams, there are five areas where leaders – being human – let things drift. It’s hard for us to walk the talk.

  1. Getting Rocks done: Being busy is no excuse. Everyone is.
  2. Leading by example in Level 10 Meetings™: Being on time, following the agenda, keeping the focus.
  3. Staying committed to Quarterly Conversations™: It’s easy to delay or skip them all together.
  4. Being accountable and holding others accountable: Not always easy, but critical.
  5. Making Decisions: A wrong decision is better than no decision.

We need to practice and master skills in each of these five areas. But that’s not enough. Equally important, we need the conviction to stay the course.

As always, employees pay more attention to what we do than what we say.

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