Top Speed is Overrated

Seth Godin’s last blog for 2019 struck a chord for me. It was very timely for beginning a new year, as we revisit our goals, activities and commitments.

Godin shares two stories about how traveling the “fastest” way may not actually be the fastest way. Factors other than maximum speed or power often yield a better outcome.

His blog is a current take on a classic message. Remember “The Tortoise and the Hare?” Or the “Little Engine That Could?” Consistent, disciplined effort creates sustainable results. Random bursts of energy are spectacular in the moment. They are also difficult to harness and predict.

Home runs are exciting and seductive. But winning teams do it with singles and doubles, day in and day out.

EOS® delivers this approach to your business. Specifically:

  • A compelling vision
  • Values that drive behavior
  • An open and honest culture
  • Controlling your business with metrics (not politics!)
  • Resolving issues effectively
  • Concise processes followed by all
  • Regular, disciplined meetings
  • Clear priorities and accountabilities

Over time you’ll get the results you want. Like the tortoise and the little engine — consistency and discipline ultimately win.

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