Updates Kill Meetings

I was surprised to hear my new client had been conducting five general update meetings each month across various departments. They spent 37.5 total hours sharing updates on activities, schedules, and projects! After implementing EOS, they eliminated 100% of those meetings. Why? They were wasting time. Updates are of little value by themselves.

The EOS Level 10™ meeting agenda is basically broken into two major sections: sharing information and problem solving. Employees want information, and they want to make things better. Pure and simple. That’s why they love L10 meetings.

In the L10, updates are always done against a standard. Are projects on track or off track? Do results match the weekly goal? Did assigned tasks get done, yes or no? What’s new we should know about? That’s it. If everything is on course, we don’t waste time with “general” updates. It’s only when there’s an issue to solve that we dig in.Otherwise, we move on.

How much general update meeting time can you eliminate this month?

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