Weathering the Storm of Chaos

Turbulent times require that leaders stay grounded. Most of us have help to do that – from a spouse, a friend, a peer group, prayer or our disciplined routines. There are many sources. I just read a book that helped me – I know I’ll read it again more than once.

The book is The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Pausch was a professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University until retiring to fight his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The book is a collection of his thoughts before and after his famous last lecture.

In his book and lecture, Pausch shares an inspirational perspective on 
achieving your childhood dreams, living life to the fullest and reevaluating what is important.

In EOS we ask leaders to be clear about three things: their company values (the “who”), the purpose of what they do (the “why”), and what they do better than anyone else (the “what”). The same three questions apply to us as individuals. Pausch opens the door for us to reflect on all three.

It might be a revelation for you or just a reminder. Regardless, it’s a terrific read.

Treat yourself.

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