What’s the Story – I Just Wanna Know

Employees perform best when they know what is expected and where they stand relative to expectations. When and how should you provide feedback?

In EOS, we use scheduled quarterly conversations. Spontaneous feedback in the moment further ensures employee engagement.
Here are four best practices to make feedback conversations easier and more effective.

  1. Expectations. Are expectations crystal clear – both ways?
  2. Preparation. Do you rehearse difficult conversations? Choosing the right words requires you say them out loud in the mirror. Imagine you are receiving the feedback. How does it come across?
  3. Details. Do you have a system to keep notes on specific examples? Both good and bad? It’s easy to forget the details. Let the employee know exactly what was exemplary or deficient.
  4. Venue. Do you praise in public, critique in private? Always be looking for opportunities to give honest feedback but be sure the venue is appropriate.

It takes attention and discipline to consistently stay in touch with employees. The payoff is worth it.

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